Friday, 17 February 2012

Carnaval do Rio !

Hello again guys ! you saw the transformice update right ? and it's all about Carnaval do Rio ! And only by......

pressing Letter "E" You can launch these things that look like fireworks xD :
And i'm gonna show you map 555 ------------------------------------------->

If you launch the fireworks by pressing "E" in map 555 You get the Carnaval do Rio ! Items , And i can show you them , since i collected all of them , Have fun collecting the Carnaval do Rio ! Items :D

Shaman colors

Hey guys really seriously cool and make you look sexy when it's your turn to be shaman ? You can ...

Well some mice know this and some doesn't :O 

Notice : To change the color , you have to at least saved 1000 mice !

Transformice allows you of course to choose your own shaman color , this tool easily lets u pick the color you want and preview how it will look on you in only 3 easy steps and it will take you 1 minute to do it :D

Step 1 :

Step 2 :

Step 3 :

And that's it we're done , hope you liked your new awesome shaman color , And Happy Valentines day !

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Chat font

Hey guys , wanna see something really cool and handy ? Well some mice know that , you can change your chat font and size ! All the steps are simple and easy.
First : just click the bubble beside the chatty thingy -->
Next : choose your font kind

Final step is : Change the size


Transformice forums - Signature

There are many people in transformice forums want a signature with their mouse name and their clothes right ? Here's how then ! : You must go to put a mouse name and your tribe name or your custom text , change your clothes to something you love , change the mouse type (if you don't want then don't change the mouse type) when you finish editing the Details/outfit , Next :  , go to the Colors/style at the bottom (not the very bottom) then change the border , background , text , graph , rank , gradient style and border radius . then go to the Background image (not the very very bottom too) select background image or upload you OWN , then go to the filters (at the bottom) and choose what would you like to do with your signature , copy the image code , and paste it into transformice forums , (go to settings , edit signature , and then paste the code)

Here's mine ^.^ :

Valentines day items

It's for the people who haven't got all items , and I'd like to show you it , Since i collected all of them

Another small notice : if you collect all of them , and someone gives you another gift , Transformice will give you any other clothes that are in the shop